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Radical Acceptance

Radical Acceptance is the acceptance of things as they actually are... This means that we detach ourselves from any wants or desires regarding our life situation and we participate fully in the process of our lives. Radical Acceptance likens itself to taking into account our past and present situation with an attitude that there is nothing going wrong (or right). We are so much a part of the present moment in a non-judging way that we free ourselves from our conceptions, old thought patterns and "attached" emotion. This allows our experience to be fresh and new, even when we don't like how we feel. Just because we accept something, doesn't mean that we don't do anything about our situation, that is resignation. Radical acceptance is allowing everything to be as it is and trusting that our unattached awareness will guide our decisions. This is not easy, but it truly is allowing the doing to come from our true being or essence. In my counseling and therapy pr

All Hypnosis is Self-hypnosis

Contrary to movies like The Manchurian Candidate, all hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis. One can not be convinced to do things against their moral code during or after the hypnotic process. Hypnosis simply provides access to an altered state of consciousness where critical thinking is bypassed and the entire body becomes engaged in processing. Self=hypnosis can be used to help visualize success and access stress relief. Many people, once having tried it, love it!!!