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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT

When we can accept ourselves and the life around us, things begin to change.  It's the commitment to acceptance and then ACTing that propels us into something new! Check out this metaphor:

Men's depression

Nice articulation on depression in men and precursors or triggers to onset. Thank you Dr. John Ogrodniczuk.

DBT explained by Marsha Linehan


Fort Collins Therapist recommends parents check out Nurtured Heart Approach

Testimony to Nurtured Heart in Transforming Schools

Fort Collins Therapist Helps with Transforming Yourself with EMDR, DBT, CBT and Nurtured Heart Approach

By developing the skills of recognizing inner wealth, de-energizing negativity and creating a clear a path for the future, NHA works well when used in combination with other therapeutic tools.  The focus becomes centered on achieving a path to greatness and transformation over making things a little bit better More on Nurtured Heart Approach

Therapist works to Help Difficult Children through Nurtured Heart Approach

The Nurtured Heart Approach (TM) Become a master at helping difficult or intense children channel their energy to success and greatness with the Nurtured Heart Approach.  The use of the this approach alone can reduce behavior problems dramatically and transform the difficult and intense child into a child who shines with Greatness...  Click on the above link for more details.

Parents Are The Prize

Did you know that you are the best reward you can give your child?  Your attention and energy truly are the prize your children desire. Every child’s heart longs for intense, positive connection with parents.  As a parent struggling with an intense child, deciding what type of help to seek can be very overwhelming and confusing. Remember this: when a child acts out, is defiant, or appears to shut you out, they are actually crying out for a connection with you. When you use the Nurtured Heart Approach, you hold the key to transforming your child’s behavior from the inside out by giving your children what they need the most – loving interaction with you. This group in Illinois has done an amazing job discussing and informing on NHA: Compass4Life

Fort Collins Therapist Empowers Parents to use NHA to Transform Difficult Children

From Now in its 20th year, The Nurtured Heart Approach, created by Howard Glasser, Psychologist and Executive Director of Children's Success Foundation, has achieved international acclaim as an essential set of strategies for transforming the most intense children (and all children) to channeling their energies in inspiring ways - without the use of medication.  The approach was inspired through the treatment of children who have been labeled as challenging, difficult, or intense - especially those who have been diagnosed on the spectrum of ADHD, ODD, Autism, PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Developmental Disabilities, and more. The success of the Approach in helping these children embody their "Greatness," has spurned a movement for "All Children Flourishing." The Approach has been implemented world-wide in schools, foster care systems, community health initiatives, and families with astounding results. &q

Fort Collins Therapist uses NHA because it works for ADHD, Conduct Disorder, Anxiety...

From Children's Success Foundation Web Site: Dr. Ward found that, relative to subjects in the comparison group, those involved in The Nurtured Heart Approach parent-training model demonstrated significant changes in functioning following treatment. Mothers reported improvements at the .01 level of significance in their child’s behavior related to the following: conduct, anxiety, communication, acute problems, and overall severity. In addition, in terms of their own well-being, mothers reported fewer depressive symptoms, decreased stress levels and increased parenting effectiveness and satisfaction following treatment. These results were found to be consistent across the researched diagnostic categories of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder and Depressive Disorder as well as for children for whom treatment was sought for general noncompliance and Adjustment Disorder. See More at: The Children's Success Foundation (r

Fort Collins therapist uses the Nurtured Heart Approach

Howard Glasser explains the Nurtured Heart Approach.