Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT

When we can accept ourselves and the life around us, things begin to change.  It's the commitment to acceptance and then ACTing that propels us into something new! Check out this metaphor:

Men's depression

Nice articulation on depression in men and precursors or triggers to onset. Thank you Dr. John Ogrodniczuk.

DBT explained by Marsha Linehan


Fort Collins Therapist recommends parents check out Nurtured Heart Approach

Testimony to Nurtured Heart in Transforming Schools

Fort Collins Therapist Helps with Transforming Yourself with EMDR, DBT, CBT and Nurtured Heart Approach

By developing the skills of recognizing inner wealth, de-energizing negativity and creating a clear a path for the future, NHA works well when used in combination with other therapeutic tools.  The focus becomes centered on achieving a path to greatness and transformation over making things a little bit better More on Nurtured Heart Approach

Therapist works to Help Difficult Children through Nurtured Heart Approach

The Nurtured Heart Approach (TM) Become a master at helping difficult or intense children channel their energy to success and greatness with the Nurtured Heart Approach.  The use of the this approach alone can reduce behavior problems dramatically and transform the difficult and intense child into a child who shines with Greatness...  Click on the above link for more details.